Creatively Incorporating Your Discipleship Process

Our church has been strongly emphasizing its discipleship process – “Loving God, Loving Others, & Serving the World.” Thank you Dr. Rainer and Eric Geiger for allowing me to shamelessly lift the example from Simple Church (a must read for any church leader). In short, a discipleship process is the simplified method of making disciples – which is the goal of the church.

As a worship pastor, it’s my job to creatively incorporate (brand) this process into our worship experience – which is why I created this video which plays every week during our pre-service video sequence.

I’m not a graphic designer, and even less a videographer. This video was created using Keynote (Mac equivalent of PowerPoint), iMovie, and Pixelmator (a simple graphics editor). I recorded my voice using the onboard mic on my Macbook Air. I admit I spent a little extra time on the soundtrack since music is my thing (my preferred DAW is Logic). A graphics designer here in the church helped create the simple logo in about 30 minutes. I wanted the video to resemble an Apple commercial (another shameless lift).

I’ve noticed that church members are capturing the vision. They discuss it, and want to play a role. I know that creative elements like these help.

Question: What ways have you creatively incorporated your discipleship process?