Does God Exist?

Yes I ask myself this question – just being real.  So do a lot of people.  This was the first question that populated a Google search when typing “Does God…”  The second question was “Does God love me?” – and the third, “Does God change?”

As a student at Moody Bible Institute I asked one of my professors a similar question.  I want to share his wise response.  By the way – I’m not a scientist.  I doubt I can change your mind.  This is just my conclusion.

How did all the stuff in the universe get here?  There are only 4 options.

1. It’s an illusion.

Some actually believe this.  My question is, if this is an illusion and there really isn’t anything, how am I able to perceive the illusion?

2. Original matter/energy suddenly appeared.

There was nothing, and then there was something.  This idea claims that everything came into existence with absolutely no cause.  Here’s the problem – you cannot have an effect without a cause.

3. Original matter/energy has eternally existed.

Meaning that everything in the universe has had to pass through an infinite amount of time in order to arrive at the present – infinite amount of time.  Here’s the problem.  There is nothing infinite in the universe.  Infinity is impossible in our space/time continuum.  Even astrophysicists believe the universe came into being 14 billion years ago.  It’s one thing to say that everything is billions and billions of years old.  It’s quite another thing to say it’s infinite.  Some refer to this as the problem of infinite regress.

4. The universe was created by a God or gods.

This solves it for me.  Some may take issue and ask, “If matter cannot exist eternally, how can God?”  Here’s the answer – something must eternally exist and have the power to create.  Again, infinity cannot exist in our space/time continuum.  But this would not apply to a being outside of it.  The physics of our universe would not apply to God.

Given the incredible beauty and complexity of the universe all the way down to cells, and applying a little basic common sense, God’s existence is absolutely necessary.

Question – do you agree or disagree?  Why?


  1. Hey Bob – thank you for your comment. And I’m sorry for my late response.

    I don’t believe it’s inconsistent to say “God is infinite and mass/energy is finite”. By definition, God would not be held to the laws of physics He created. God is without time, mass, and energy – He came up with those ideas. Only that kind of Being could create ex nihilo.

    And I don’t think quantum physics refutes this – it’s a leap to say it does. I’m not near smart enough to wrap my head around the concept but I do know that the theory assumes other laws of physics. Where did the governing laws of quantum physics come from?

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.


  2. You can’t have an effect without a cause? This is the problem with taking common sense and philosophy into the realm of science–they’re not especially helpful.

    Quantum physics says that things come into existence without a cause all the time.

    I agree that figuring out the “the universe has always been here in some form or other–and our universe is simply a reconfiguration of mass that existed before” is a problem. And yet you seem to have no problem with “God has been here forever.” Why the inconsistency?