Things that Last

Last night Heather and I had dinner with a couple we dearly love – one of those double dates where you skip the pleasantries and go right to things that

Thoughts on Corporate Worship

  What is worship? The answer should be very simple. Yet I’m amazed how many church leaders, and worship leaders, do not have a clear philosophy of worship. I confess, I’ve led

The Importance of the Worship Leader – Pastor Relationship

Worship leader – your pastor is the single most important professional relationship you have. He is likely your direct supervisor. He’s the one who will sing your praises, or defend

Ancient, Global, and Local

How do you put together a worship set?  Are you thematic?  If the pastor is preaching on the blood of Christ, does every song and video have to mention the

The Perfect Volume for Worship

If you have any semblance of modern, band-driven worship, I guarantee you’ve had complaints about volume. I had a guy who would stick toilet paper in his ears every week

Creatively Incorporating Your Discipleship Process

Our church has been strongly emphasizing its discipleship process – “Loving God, Loving Others, & Serving the World.” Thank you Dr. Rainer and Eric Geiger for allowing me to shamelessly

How to Worship in 5 Seconds

Do you take a while to “warm up to worship?”  Do you start slow – sing a couple bars softly?  But by the time How Great is our God rolls

A Word to the Talented

Our church recently hosted Voices of Mobile in concert.  Voices is a world-class vocal group with tight harmonies, and attractive stage presence.  Each student is profoundly talented.  I personally enjoyed the time I had

Why am I a Christian?

A close friend asked me this recently.  Theologically it’s simple – the Holy Spirit drew me.  But that’s not what he was after. He’s a believer living in a difficult

Does God Exist?

Yes I ask myself this question – just being real.  So do a lot of people.  This was the first question that populated a Google search when typing “Does God…”